Starcross to Maidencombe

16/6/12 First decision of the day was whether to drive to Digby and Sowton or Starcross. Alighting the train at Starcross, we wondered along the platform to the ferry jetty to ensure that we weren't cutting any corners. From there we could see the first pub of the day.

We crossed the railway line and walked to the door only to see a sign saying that it didn't open until 12. We knew that Cockwood was only half a mile away and so went there instead.

Fortunately, the Anchor Inn was open. A pint of Discovery (3.8%) and Broadside (4.7%) for £6.70 tasted good for early pints in a pleasant pub. We were the only ones inside the pub, but we still managed to sit on a table that was reserved for the next guests to arrive. So then we went back to the Galleon Inn. We arrived just after 12 to a locked door. A pasty later it was open. Two pints of Doom (4%) for £6.60. We then headed back past the Anchor as the rain started.

They seem to have invested in a new signposted cycle/footpath along this road, but on entering Dawlish Warren the signs stopped. We assumed the path avoided the pubs and headed for the path along the sea front. The rain and wind increased, so we headed for what might have been the coast path slightly inland. We did see one coast path sign on this route as we entered Dawlish, but then we had to guess the route again. I stopped to take a photo as we climbed our first hill of the day out of Dawlish.

We had walked along the sea front side of the railway in the this photo, however, high on a post next to here was a sign pointing along the land side. The Marine Tavern is one those buildings pointing seaward above, so we had to go back for the second time in the day. Dartmoor's Jail Ale (4.8%) and an Otter Ale (4.5%) for £6.60 with a couple of pasties helped us to dry out a little. They were doing a reasonable deal of a pint and a pasty for £4.50 as well.

Back up the hill, on and off the main road, until we saw a sign directing us down a hill towards the coast path. It also said that it was not passable at high tide. We hoped that it wasn't high tide yet and went down the hill. The sea was splashing onto the steps as we went under the railway line and back onto the sea wall, but it wasn't quite high water yet. It had stopped raining now as we walked to Teignmouth. No pubs on the front there, so we decided to take the ferry across to Shaldon.

We had the ferry to ourselves. There is a Ferryboat Inn in Shaldon, but just the wrong side of the ferry landing point. The building in the middle of the above picture is the Ness, a Badger and Woodhouse pub. So it was a couple of nice pints of Badger (4%) and Hopping Hare (4.5%) for £6.95. Then it was up a hill again for a view back to Teignmouth.

The next three miles were up and down muddy paths and so we decided to call it a day when we reached Maidencombe. We went up the hill to the main road and caught a bus back to Teignmouth Station. The trains were in a bit of a mess and we were quite late getting home.

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