Paignton to Brixham

30/6/12 We were expecting to find some pubs in Brixham on this leg, so we had a lift to TVP and then train to Paignton. We arrived before 11 and walking from the station towards the pier, we passed pubs already open. Along the harbourside was the Pier Inn. By now it was 11, but there was no sign of life.

Whether to wait or visit when we returned to Paignton in the evening? We walked on around the headland and then saw the Inn on the Quay.

Two pints of Tribute (4.3%) for £6.40 were nice enough in this Brewers Fayre family pub. We then decided to return to the Pier Inn, which was still not open, but a couple of pasties later it was. However no real ale and we had to settle for a John Smiths and Thatchers for £6.40.

Then we were able to get walking for a while. We started following the steam railway line, pass some sandy beaches, around Churston Point and then arrived at the quiet Elberry Cove.

Then it was into the woods for the walk to the outskirts of Brixham. We could smell it first, then see the harbour wall, then we had to guess which way to go, before arriving in the town itself.

The Sprat and Mackerel was a bit bare inside. We settled for a Westons Cider and John Smiths for £6.50. The barman kindly turned up the good juke box for me. Next door was the Crown and Anchor. A few more locals in this one. We went for their own Crown and Anchor (4%) and a Bays Topsail (4.3%) for £6.30. They had stopped doing food, but allowed us to bring in some chips from next door.

Next was the Rising Sun (behind the Golden Hind replica). Two pints of Doom for £5.60. They turned the juke box down when I went on it here. In front of the Golden Hind is the Old Market House. We weren't sure whether it was a pub, but I wasn't driving. A pint of Tribute PA (4.2%) and Dartmoor (3.5%) for £7.10. Next door was the Bullers Arms. We had pints of Tribute (4.3%) and Bullers (4.2%) for £6.60. The staff weren't sure which beer was on which pump however and they didn't want the juke box on. We managed to walk a few hundred yards further before coming across the Prince William.

Another place that didn't feel like a pub. We sat outside and had pints of Proper Job (4.5%) and Brixham Trawler (3.5%) for £6.80.

Time for a bit more walking as we rounded Berry Head and on to St. Mary's Bay before heading back to Brixham town centre, the bus to Paignton and on to the train to TVP via Newton Abbot again.

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