Porlock to Minehead

13/9/14 Our second walk in Somerset and the second time a bus didn't turn up. This time we waited for the next one and arrived in Minehead too late for our connection. So a couple of pints and a pasty later, it was the afternoon when we finally bused into Porlock and walked down Sparkhayes Lane to rejoin the path. It starts on the marshes towards Bossington, but you can see the hills ahead. Just as we get near to the coast again, we turn right and start our ascent of Hurlestone Combe.

The path keeps going up beyond there and eventually stops ascending just short of 300m and quite a way inland. It feels more like a moorland walk than a coastal one for a few miles.

When we do turn towards the coast again, we soon enter the woods and only catch glimpses of the coast as we descend. As we near Minehead, we emerge into a park and then the Old Ship Aground appears.

We have pints of Ringwood Best (3.8%) and Boondoggle (4.2%) for £6.70. The pub, like the rest of Minehead, had many Butlins tourists. The harbour is just the other side of the pub.

From here it is only a couple of hundred yards to the end of the path.

We go to the next pub to celebrate, but decide to catch a bus somewhere less touristy for the next ones.

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