West Quantoxhead to Hinkley Point

9/5/15 Bus to near Bicknoller for a short walk along a road to rejoin the West Somerset Coastpath.

We hadn't approached West Quantoxhead from the correct direction on the last walk, but this time we did and strolled on past the Windmill to climb a short hill onto a forest track. The path skirts around the Quantocks on the inside of the A39 for a couple of miles before crossing it and descending back towards the coast.

The coastline here is mainly small cliffs with rock formations sticking out onto the beaches. The wind is behind us as we descend towards Kilve beach.

Shortly after that, Hinkley Point nuclear power station starts to become the conspicuous thing on the horizon.

After Lilstock, we end up on a rocky beach wondering where the path has gone.

The small rocks are interspersed with some bigger ones and large slabs in some places which make the walking a little easier as the tide retreats. Eventually there is some pristine sand to stroll on.

Soon after this the cliffs shrink enough for us to get back onto the path. Just in time as well as the path soon comes to an abrupt stop and gets diverted inland.

The proposed new reactor hasn't started to be built yet, but there is a massive amount of work being done over a large area. An 'alternative path' is signposted along the fence with patrolling vehicles looking at us every so often. After a mile or two, we decide to head inland to Stogursey. By cutting through some fields and past the local sewage plant, we manage to have time for pint in the Greyhound before the bus homewards.

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