Houns-Tout to Lulworth

17/9/11, I think, we drove to West Lulworth. From there it was a bike ride to Stoborough, bus up to Kingston and walk back along the ridge to Houns-Tout.

We overtook some Duke of Edinburgh walkers saying that they were never doing this again as we headed down towards Kimmeridge Bay, past an oil well and into the Army firing ranges. We kept to the marked tracks, but not all the sheep did. Some of them didn't seem too bothered about being close to the cliff edge either. The scenery was good despite the military hardware and signs. The steep climb up to an older fort at Flower's Barrow was rewarded with spectacular views.

The ups and downs continued as the path started to become less well-trodden. We then took a steep narrow path down to Mupe Bay.

As we left the ranges, the footpath signs disappeared as we had to guess the route around Lulworth Cove. We had only found two pubs on the path so far, so Bishop's Bar (2 x Piddle 4.1% £7.20)
and the Lulworth Cove Inn (I've forgotten what we had already, but it was two real ales for six quid something) benefited from the lack of footpath signs and counted as being on the path.
Then it was a short walk back to West Lulworth and a drive to pick the bikes up.

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