20/10/11. Berrys to Weymouth for the day was the plan. We arrived on time only to be told that the driver wanted to leave early again. We continued along from where the path leaves the roadside and followed the beach towards the Esplanade. As the title of the blog shows, we only feel the need to visit pubs and not every bar. But differentiating between the two would be today's challenge. Moby Dicks claimed to be a pub, so in we went.

Once down inside it, it felt like a pub too. Cornish Coaster (3.6%) and Doom Bar (4%)  for £5.95 was a pleasant morning start. On we went, past some bars, until we came to the Dorothy Inn. Sounds like a pub, so in we go.

It was more like a bar on the inside, bleak with some real ale things on the wall, but no real ale. Taunton and Addlestones Cloudy cider for £6.40 was quickly quaffed as we moved on. We went past some more bars before coming to the ferry crossing. I thought that the official path might take us across there, but instead signs directed us down Custom House Quay. The George Inn was next.

A nice pub busy with locals and tourists. We had Copper Ale (3.6%) and Doom Bar for £5.50 and should have had something to eat, but we pressed on. The Ship Inn was not very far away.

A Hall and Woodhouse place, but the beer was alright. Fursty Ferret (4.4%) and Badger (4%) for £6.40. Next door, underneath some scaffolding, was the Royal Oak.

It wasn't welcoming on the inside either. I had to convince the barmaid that my pint was no good and so we both ended up having Ammonites (4.2%) for £6.20. Then it was on across the bridge to the Kings Arms.

The barmaid seemed a little disinterested here too. A Flying Scotsman (4%) and Directors (4.8%) for £6.10 ensued. Six pints/pubs in a little over two hours on an empty stomach was taking its toll by now. I needed some fresh air and so we pushed on towards Nothe and Portland Harbour. We went a little astray when we ignored a sign saying that the path was closed some 400m ahead and we ended up scrambling onto the beach before rejoining the path. On arrival at the Ferrybidge, we decided to get the bus back to our coach home. After all we had to get back for skittles that night.

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