Helford to Coverack

1/6/13 A sunny morning drive to Playing Place again. A cheaper bus ticket (£10 for two) again for the trip to Falmouth and then on to near Helford Passage. We walked down the hill and waited on the pontoon for the ferry. We had it to ourselves, but there were many waiting on the other side.

A short walk brought us to the Shipwright Arms.

Pints of Harbours Indian Pale Ale (5%) and Light Ale (3.7%) for £6.60 were very pleasant to drink in the morning sunshine beside the river.

But we knew that we didn't have much time to dwell there and so onwards it was. The going was estuary like and with quite a lot of litter until we rounded Dennis Head.

It was high tide and there was no sign of a ferry in Gillan, so we did more estuary walking. Once around Nare Point, it became much more coastal though. We could see Porthallow in the distance and were soon descending to it.

You can make out a large stone structure by the entrance to the beach in this photograph. It is not facing the path though and it was not until later that I realised that this marks the half way point on the coastpath. Perhaps we only had eyes for the Five Pilchards Inn behind it. Pints of Sharps Own (4.4%) and Dartmoor IPA (4%) for £6.30 and a game of pool awaited. We had only just arrived in time as the pub shut behind us at 2:30.

It was inland and uphill from there to Porthoustock, where it did the same again to avoid some of the quarries. At Rosenithon we decided to press on rather than head for the bus and so it was down to Godrevy Cove.

From here the coastpath did follow the coast, but we went through more quarries until Coverack came into sight. The bus stop is just before entering the village and we made it just a few minutes before it arrived. It felt like we had walked a long way, but the bus driver was the same one that dropped us five hours earlier on the other side of the Helford River. We changed buses in Helston, before a ride on a double decker around the country lanes of Cornwall back to Palying Place.

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