Lizard to Porthleven

23/6/13 A Sunday drive to Helston enabled us to park in the main street opposite the main bus stop. Then bus to the Lizard before retracing our steps towards Bass Point. The Lizard Lighthouse and our most southerly point was next.

The path around here did seem busy. Maybe because it was a Sunday, maybe because of the scenery
or maybe because it was windy.

Anyway, once past Kynance the walkers did thin out a bit. The terrain was moor like from there with different paths to choose from near the cliff tops. Eventually we descended to Mullion Cove.

We had an expensive pasty before continuing north through a few other coves until the last one, Church Cove.

We didn't see a coastpath sign coming out of here and accidentally took a shortcut up the road to Halzephron. From here we could see Porthleven in the distance and choose to ignore a sign to a pub 100 yards away. The wind was starting to annoy now as we were walking in small trenches and had to concentrate.

Soon the Loe and its Bar came into view.

Fortunately there was some grassy sections to walk on to avoid most of the sand. Then it was along a track to Porthleven. You come into the harbour past the clock tower and the first pub is the Harbour Inn.

We had two nice pints of Trelawney (3.8%) and Tribute (4.2%) for £6.30. The pub was busy for early on a Sunday evening. Then it was a walk around the other side to the Ship Inn.

We had Hancocks HB (3.6%) and Skinners Porthleven (4.8%) for £5.75. Another busy pub with what seemed to be locals. The harbour was busy with the local youth jumping in and out as well.

Then it was a short bus ride back to Helston and a 10 yard walk to the car.

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