Dartmouth to Torcross

22/8/12 A drive to the park and ride in Dartmouth seemed the easiest route onto this walk. After a three bus wait we finally arrived on the Dart's quayside. We weren't sure which ferry the official Coast Path route used, so we started from the passenger ferry and walked downstream. The path signs started from the lower car ferry.

We walked in Bayards Cove Inn before realising that it isn't a pub. The Dartmouth Arms is next door.

Not pretty from the outside, but quaint enough inside. Sid pointed out that I was the youngest person there.

A short walk along the riverside and the path appeared to enter this old building.

I couldn't spot an exit and so we retraced our steps and took an uphill path. The next coast path sign directed us back here through the right hand arch. The path then continued up and down a few times, pass the castle, up and down a few more times, out of the estuary and eventually inland.

We wandered along some country lanes and round the back streets of Stoke Fleming before arriving at the Green Dragon.

We went for a Liberation Ale (4%) and Seafarers Ale (3.6%) for £6.40. The Liberation Ale was returned though as Sid was concerned by its cloudiness and it was happily exchanged for another Seafarers. We had come from the road opposite and progressed straight across towards Blackpool Sands.

The hills were quite steep around here and eventually we walked along the main road in Strete. Our timing was wrong here as the Kings Arms was due to reopen a couple of days later. The path eventually left the main road and we descended onto Slapton Sands. The path alternates between the beach and the Ley before arriving in Torcross.

 In the Start Bay Inn we went for a Bass (4.4%) and Tribute PA (4.2%) for £6.30. It's not too posh and so alright. We then had time for a couple of nice pasties from the post office before catching the bus back to Dartmouth.

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