Torcross to East Portlemouth

25/8/12 A bank holiday Saturday drive to East Portlemouth went well. We parked up the hill in the village and set off across the top of hills on our bikes to Torcross. Another pint in the Start Bay Inn and pasty from the post office set us up for the walk.

Up the hill, we can see back to this. Then it was soon down the other side to Beesands. It looked a nice place and relatively unspoilt. The Cricket Inn though was a bit too snooty with many empty reserved tables. Tribute PA and Otter Ale for £7.60.

The showers came and went and we didn't get too wet as we were sheltered from the westerly wind. We had a look at the remains of Hallsands and then continued on to Start Point. This is another of those conspicuous points that had lurked in the distance for a few walks.

As we skirted round Start Point, the terrain became a lot more rugged and as we rounded another hill, we started to lose our protection from the wind and rain. Lannacombe beach and car park were busy with lots of people in wet suits, but not much surfing going on. The rain kept falling without getting too heavy. We were soaked, but I thought that this was one of the most scenic stretches that we've done. We passed Prawle Point  and it was still wet and rugged, but parts of Salcombe were starting to appear.

Eventually we reached the beaches of East Portlemouth and the rain stopped. We went down to the ferry jetty and then up the long flight of steps to the village. We picked the bikes up and stopped for an expensive pint at California Cross on the way home as we tried to dry out.

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