Salcombe to Bantham

1/9/12 Parked in Salcombe park and ride and walked to town. The first pub wasn't difficult to spot. The Ferry Inn had Copper Ale (3.7%) and Best IPA (4.2%) for £6.90. There are various levels to the pub, but we stayed outside overlooking the water. Salcombe is an expensive area. I took the photo in a hurry because Sid was posing.

The path goes past North and South Sands as it heads towards Bolt Head. Before that we passed Sharp Tor
to the sound of a yacht hitting rocks below as it returned from Starehole Bay. It was able to continue to Salcombe. The path was quite busy, but the going wasn't too bad and Soar Mill Cove looked a very nice remote beach. Eventually we reached Bolt Tail and descended to Hope Cove.

The Hope and Anchor Inn is slightly set back from the front. We had a Dartmoor Best (3.5%) and Proper Job (4.5%) for £6.75. It was relatively quiet. We went over the road for a couple of pasties before continuing towards Thurlestone. The path was easier going now. After passing the golf course we headed for Bantham. The beach looked nice there as well and it was busy. We walked through the car park and went as far as the ferry jetty in the village.

Then we walked back to Thurlestone for a pleasant pint before catching the bus to Malborough and then another one to Salcombe.

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