Looe to Polruan

27/10/12 A sunny but chilly day for this trip. Another train from TVP with a Ride Cornwall ticket taking us to Looe. The Swan Inn and Harbour Moon weren't open at 10:30 and so we partook of a couple of hot pasties and waited outside the Swan Inn.

One local beat us through the door, but £6 pints of Doom (4%) and Tribute PA (4.2%) later and we staggered back out into the daylight. It was only 11:17. Crossing Looe's bridge, the Harbour Moon still wasn't open and so we decided to carry on to see what was ahead. Up on the seaward facing side of West Looe is Tom Sawyers Tavern.

It didn't look particularly pub-like from the outside, but was more so inside. Just one chap in again with a coffee for himself and bowl of water for his dog. We had more Doom (4%) and Tribute PA (4.2%) for £6.40 this time. Then it was back to the Harbour Moon for the third time.

After waiting outside for a pub to open again, we have the place to ourselves at midday. Another Doom (4%) and a Jail Ale (4.8%) for £6.60. Then it was time to do some walking. The route was a bit more up and down than I was expecting. We passed a place that looked like it might be a pub in Talland Bay, but admitted to only being a licensed cafe. Soon we were in the narrow streets of the well hidden Polperro. We pass places that look like they might have once been pubs before having to wander around looking for coast path signs to make sure a couple are on it. The Three Pilchards is.

The inside is in keeping with the out, being small and quaint. It was quite busy. Pints of Sharps Own (4.4%) and Timothy Taylor Landlord (4.3%) for £6.90. Not far away is the Blue Peter Inn.

There are plenty of tourists looking for their cottages on this half-term changeover day. This pub is busier than the last. Sharps Red (4.1%) and Polperro Pride (4.6%). Time for a new beer mat to help my insole. The path continues up steps directly behind the pub. We know that we have to press on now to reach Polruan in time for the ferry to the bus for the last train home. It is fairly undulating, but the ground is as good as it has been for some time. The nature of some of the gateways change to become more rugged.

We pass five posts about half mile apart. The first two say 3.5 miles to Polruan, the next 4 miles, next 3.5 again and then last one 1.75 miles. We are therefore happy when we eventually get to see the outskirts of the  village itself. It is another village with narrow streets and holiday makers looking for their accommodation. The Russel Inn is in one of those narrow streets.

They're getting ready for Halloween inside with just a couple in. Proper Job (4.5%) and Tribute PA (4.2%) for £6.45. The scheduled ferry time that I was working to was 17:50. We get there at 17:38. No sign of the ferry. The Lugger Inn is next to the jetty. We decide to go in. Another place celebrating Halloween with a few more customers this time. Another Proper Job (4.5%) and Dartmoor Ale (3.6%) for £5.90.

17:48 we come out just as the ferry leaves. We watch the ferry get to the other side and come back. We finally get to Fowey ten minutes late and rush up the hill looking for the bus stop. The bus passes us going in the other direction. We carried on up the hill hoping that the bus would come back the same way. Fortunately it did and then deposited us at Par station for the train home.

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