20/9/12 A Thursday trip to Plymouth. We knew that this could be messy and so we were kindly driven to TVP for the train. A walk past some of my old college haunts ensued as we made our way to Cattedown Wharf. There we found our biggest sign to date.

It's not really at that angle, but I was perched on the ridge of the wall. Coxside cannot claim to be the posh end of Plymouth, but they have spent money around it. The yellow building below used to be our seamanship centre.

Land has since been reclaimed around it for the marina and aquarium. Most of the Barbican's pubs are missed by the path. The only one on it is the Admiral MacBride.

A pint of Doom (4%) and Thatchers Heritage (4.9%) for £6.60. We were tempted by a quiet pub lunch here, but decided to move on. Fisher's Nose is a bar now. We carried on around the Hoe. Down the other end is the Waterfront, which used to a bar/restaurant.

The sign claimed it was a pub, so we went in. It wasn't really, so we sat outside at the water's edge. Pints of Proper Job (4.5%) and Tribute PA (4.2%) for £7.20. It was at this point that I realised that I was no longer in possession of my return train ticket. I returned to the above photo point to see if it was there that it dropped out, but no. Sid was amused. Round the corner is the West Hoe.

A few locals in here. We had two pints of Dartmoor Legend (4.4%) for £6.40 and a game of pool. Next we went past a place called Sippers that was shut (see next post). Then at the Naval end of town is the Butchers Arms, which was even more shut. We thought that Victualling Office was also shut.

Sid tried the door and the VOT was open. Two pints of Jail Ale (4.8%) for £6.20 and another game of pool. Nearby is the Vine Hotel.

It is a stone's throw from the ferry jetty. A pint of Bays Gold (4.7%) and Happy Days, I think, (4.2%) for £6. Another game of pool and even one from a friendly young lady.

Then we went to Wetherspoons on Union Street for something to eat and Noahs Ark before the train back for skittles. The Devon Evening Ranger ticket allowed me to get home for a fiver.

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